Electric Bookshop Late Lab Line-up – Inspace March 2013


For our second outing at Edinburgh International Science Festival’s Late Labs, we are getting back to basics with some of the more familiar book technologies, paper, physical books and printed media. All-familiar it won’t be though…

We’re immensely pleased that the event was fully booked before we even announced our line-up and we hope to reward your faith with these brilliant guests whose ideas and exploits we’re very excited about.

We’re proud to be welcoming writer Ian Sansom, whose latest book Paper; An Elegy is as the title suggests, the story of this most important medium, material and mother of all books. Not to mention he has the best self-penned biography we’ve yet to see on a author’s website. Read it at http://www.iansansom.net/biography.html

Michael Shorter an experimenter and scholar of printed electronics at and collaborator on an innovative project Bespoke, to marry the news needs of Dundee communities with innovative digital tools. He will be explaining how we can add value to paper with electronics. Michael has an upcoming exhibition, Paper at Glasgow’s The Lighthouse Gallery. http://www.mrshorter.co.uk/

Alyson Fielding in an innovative artist making a gesture-responsive book for The Library of Lost Books ( http://thelibraryoflostbooks.blogspot.co.uk/) she hacks books and plays with stories and Arduinos. http://alysonfielding.com/

Yvette Hawkins is a talented paper artist and founder of @bookapothecary who astounds us with fascinating ways with modular origami, folding and contouring maps and drawing with thread. Yvette will be working on paper artworks live at the event. http://yvette-hawkins.blogspot.co.uk/

Tweet @electricbkshop and the guests at;
Ian Sansom – @ian_sansom
Michael Shorter – @michaelshorter Alyson Fielding – @alysonf
Yvette Hawkins – @yvette_hawkins

Or follow the event list.

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